Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stop The Hate: Daily Deals Aren?t All Bad, And Here?s Why

There's a lot of hate out there these days from the press when it comes to the daily deals industry. I'm looking at you, TechCrunch. Sure, Groupon has become the whale in this industry, but that doesn't mean Groupon constitutes the entire industry. Sure, while Groupon may sometimes structure lousy deals for merchants, it doesn?t mean the entire daily deal business model isn't sustainable or beneficial for small businesses. When done right, the daily deal can actually be very lucrative for everyone involved: Merchants, customers and the daily deal sites themselves. So why should you take my word for it? It's true, I've got my biases. �But so many people have quickly elevated themselves to ?experts? on this space that it?s hard to filter truth from the noise. My company, KASA Capital, started Crowd Cut in May 2010. We are now a top player in our markets, generating eight figures of profitable revenues. So, when I talk about the daily deal space, I do so with direct experience. I talk to merchants and customers every day. I have numbers to back my claims. I?m a player in this game, not a self-proclaimed expert who sits on the sidelines.



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