Thursday, June 2, 2011

T-Mobile announces a duo of Samsung Android phones -- the Exhibit 4G and the Gravity Smart

Samsung Exhibit 4G  Samsung Gravity Smart

Another day, another midnight T-Mobile press release to show us some new Android phones.  This time around we have the Samsung Exhibit 4G, and the Samsung Gravity Smart.  The Exhibit 4G (pictured on the left) comes with a 1GHz CPU, Android 2.3, a 21Mbps 4G radio, all wrapped up in either violet or black.  It also has Samsung's Media Hub, Doodle Jump, Bejeweled 2, and Scrabble preinstalled to keep you occupied between phone calls and messages.  The Exhibit 4G checks in at $79.99 after a new agreement and a $50 rebate.

The Gravity Smart (on the right) features a four-row slide out QWERTY keyboard, running Android 2.2, T-Mobile's Group Text service, and a 3MP camera.  The Berry Red and Sapphire Blue models check in at $69.99, the Lunar Gray model is a mere $29.99 -- both after the usual agreement and $50 rebate.

Both are expected on the shelves sometime in June, and look to be a very nice choice in the mid-level market.  Hit the break for the full press release.



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