Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hosain Rahman on UP, Jawbone?s First Non-Audio Product

Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman just got off stage at TED Global where he announced the company's first non-audio device, the UP. It's a lot like the fitbit, measuring your sleep patterns, eating habits and activity to help people become healthier, but it's designed to be more wearable, hip, waterproof and integrate more seamlessly into mobile devices and your overall social experience. All that remains to be seen. But it's safe to say the UP will have the clear benefits from Jawbone's high-volume sophisticated supply chain and manufacturing processes, and its newly deepened pockets. I don't even know where you buy a fitbit, other than on the company's site, which requires some pretty detailed advance knowledge of the device. It's a bold departure from Jawbone's traditional products, even the Jambox, which wasn't a headset but still had to do with audio. Given the warchest of funding, it's a safe bet that more dramatic new product lines are in store. We grabbed Rahman just as he got off stage to talk a bit about the device.



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